Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Some things get me thinking - I have just checked my blog visits and noticed that I had a visit today from someone in Bagdad. Call me curious but surely they have more important things to use their 4 hours of electricity on than looking at pictures of my brief holiday.

Ahh - mystery solved - there appears to be a Bagdad in Australia - you learn something new every day don't you?

Sad news today for one of my great friends Sarah Smith - a prolific and talented quilters in Maine. Her 12 year old son was hit by a car and although relatively ok - he has a badly broken leg and of course a long period of recovery and adjustment for the family. Sarah - my thoughts are with you all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Lisa,

There is a Bagdad in Tasmania on Midlands Highway to Hobart.

So sorry for Sarah Smith and her son I read her blog.