Thursday, July 19, 2007

Colour Ideas

I was wandering around a bookshop today and came across this book. I was so impressed by the concept and execution that I bought it - and I need another book on colour and/or beads like a hole in the head!

The author Sandra Wallace is a renowned artist in the UK and this book only came out in March so you may not have seen it yet but check it out if you get the chance. Of course have a look at Sandra's work on her website too.

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teri springer said...

Hey- that's me over in your "Recent Visitors"- Mahone Bay (which is actually another town- where Val Herder lives; I'm in Chester but we are ON Mahone Bay).

I am so sorry to hear about Sarah's son.....gotta pop over to her blog. I can relate having had the same thing happen to me at age 11.....

Love the beach soon as it stops raining here I plan to go take some photos too...and this time I will make sure my camera battery is charged!!