Friday, September 14, 2007

Home Again

Trip over and all far too quick but have to tell you how entertained we were on the trip home.

The nine hour flight was basically spent watching our neighbours (two Chinese women) stuff everything that was not nailed down into bags.

As soon as we had taken off they went to the toilet and came back with a thick wad of paper towels. They then proceeded to wrap every bit of crockery clean (after finishing off the food and drink) with these towels and then individually wrap them and stuff them into sick bags. They then covered the trays with the dirty towels to supposedly make them look full. Nothing was sacred - glasses, salad dishes, coffee cups and cutlery.

To keep occupied between meals (or crockery gathering periods) one of them proceeded to pull out bags of jewellery and decorate herself. Unfortunately as her extremely long fake and highly decorated nails were too long to use for this task she needed help from her friend. Many bracelets and earrings were tried and discarded until she was satisfied. Strangest combination (to me anyway) was a large chunky bead bracelet which eventually was covered with her sleeve and locked into place with a large silver bracelet.

One came back from the galley with a plastic pen wrapped (I assume to hide it) in a paper napkin and very surreptitiously put it in one of her many (now filled with crockery) bags.

Best of all were her two hair extensions. I think they were purple but hard to tell. They were about 12inches long and hung below her short hair. She clipped them on and off for hours and was still playing with them when we landed.

It was all very amusing and made the trip very entertaining but maybe that is why airfares are so high.


Ferret said...

I would love to be able to I don't believe it, but, well I do.I would have been facinated too. People are so strange.

Lindi said...

What a crack up! How did you manage to not break up laughing out loud? It would have been even more hilarious to have seen them get searched by customs!