Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Macau for a Day

We decided to do a day tour to Macau - possibly a silly mistake. Although it was well (over)organised it was a long day - pickup at 8am from hotel and dropped back 12 hours later.

There is a great hydrofoil ferry trip which takes an hour and is comfortable but the rest of the day was in and out of a bus and/or waiting for latecomers. It was also very warm and so being rushed was not fun. I was also very disappointed in the constant sales pitches from the tour guide which included stops to stores which weren't on the intinery which I am sure must have been giving her a cut.

Anyway - here are some pics and at least I have added another few stamps to the passport.
As you leave HK Harbour the skyline is fascinating

The Macau skyline is rapidly catching up though

From the ramparts - all canons are aimed at this new casino building

Food is always important to me. Portugese custard tarts are always a passion of mine. These ones were wonderfully warm and flaky pastry with creamy filling.

This is an array of jerkys - commonly available in a variety of flavours including ostrich.

Visit to Buddhist/Taoist temple and I love these hanging incense burners.

I am always amazed that these enormous buildings are supported with bamboo scaffolding.

I really like this glass sculpture/roundabout. Couldn't get closer to is and not sure who designed it or what it is for but it certainly is interesting.

Casinos seem to be the main industry of Macau with Wynn, MGM Grand, Venetian and many others opening.


Ferret said...

Would it be possible for me to use your photograph of the bridge as source for a bridge quilt? It is a fantastic shape and if I included the tower it would be very identifiable.

Anonymous said...

I love gambling in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau.