Monday, September 10, 2007

Where am I?

Yet again I have made a sudden decision to get on one of those metal tubes and go somewhere different. Now that I am leaving the day job to become a full time artist (that sounds scary) I will not have access to reduced travel fares so thought I would quickly make one last trip.
As I am teaching again in a few days it had to be somewhere relatively close so a bead buying excursion was called for - so Hong Kong here I am.

Every second store seems to have the most amazing array of electrical goods. Interestingly - as my camera had decided to die I had decided to buy another. I took a gamble and bought one duty free when I left and the same model here was about $30 more so this time I did the right thing.

These people were watching a video outside a store

Not sure why this attractive mural needed fairly impressive razor wire?

Speaking of murals - this 3d piece was at head height on a wall in an alleyway.

We had already eaten so weren't tempted by these octopus on sticks but lots of others were.

We just couldn't pass this stationery store which had three floors of all sorts of goodies.

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