Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too Warm

I think I am getting too old for wandering around in the heat. Although it is only about 30 degrees here today I get really tired and the feet hurt so I need to rest in afternoon. Ah the joys of disintegrating.

This morning we went for a walk but nothing here really opens until 10 or 11 am but you do see some interesting things.

Today was bead shopping morning but I was pretty restrained and only came away with 6kgs - think I might have to go back again before we leave. After all I did bring a whole bag just to fill up with them.

Lunch was a dim sum which theoretically was supposed to be (according to the map) just near the Central Ferry Stop but they have actually moved it!!! The whole ferry wharf!
A long hot walk did little for my sore feet but this interesting bit of dredging was worth a pause.

Lunch was pretty typical dim sum although a bit pricier than expected but yummy watermelon and grapefruit juice. They do great fruit juices here. The view across to Kowloon is also impressive.

I can spot a Henry Moore sculpture anywhere.

I then caught the underground train back to the YMCA where we are staying - why do I want to break into the Village People song every time I stand in the lift? Peter disappeared off to a book sale on a cruise liner only to find it doesn't really open until tonight.

Dinner soon - maybe something cheap and cheerful and noisy with a touch of chili.

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