Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thread heaven

Yesterday I went to Cabramatta with fellow quilters. It is mainly a Vietnamese area with very yummy food and lots of fabrics stores. I have been many times and always manage to come home with something interesting. This time however we went slightly off the usual track and found a wonderful thread store which had been written about in a 2004 magazine.

Although not too exciting from the front

once we went in and were welcomed by Alan and Amy we realised that we had found a treasure trove of colour.
Shelves and shelves of polyester thread in more colours than you could think possible and wonderfully inexepensive (only AUD$1.20 for 1000m or $2 for 5000 yd spools).

It was hard to stop but I hadn't come prepared and although I have a fairly impressive collection of threads I couldn't remember what colours were lacking. Of course I wanted one of everything - even if I never use them - I could just admire the colours.

Not to worry - just need another trip which won't be a problem - especially if I go around lunchtime....

The store is called Win On Trading and is at 1/12 Canley Vale Rd Canley Vale NSW. If you live in Sydney I would recommend a visit.

These are the larger spools but they would be harder to store - or would they?

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Rosalind said...

Wow that looks like my kind of store! :o)
Please can I appoint you as my personal buyer??? :o)))))))))