Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why isn't is raining on my house?

We have had heavy rain for the last few days complete with thunder and lightning. Great news when we are in the middle of a drought but for some reason it keeps missing my house. I love following the radar but for the last two days it is like there is a resist (dyeing term here) over our area.

Fingers crossed that we will eventually get some of it to top up my rainwater tanks.


Anonymous said...

We get the same thing at our house. Quite often my mum will ring and ask how much rain we got. Usually I laugh and reply with "None but I watched the clouds go by teasingly!". But today we actually got rain for probably half of the day.
Kathy in Leeton

verobirdie said...

Same for me. From my office I can see it is raining heavily. When I reach home, it is absolutely dry (20 miles away)... It is being raining since yesterday, but far less here.