Sunday, December 30, 2007

Magic Happens

One of the most wonderful things I have done in my artistic life is the Dyeing Workshop with Carol Soderlund. Her dyeing methodology is simple and yet extremely effective and creates incredible fabrics.
Whenever we need to refresh our stock with a complete colour range we do a Colour Run which takes a couple of days but is fun. It is done by numbering the fabric (we do 64 1m pieces) and then dyeing first in various intensities of yellow, then re-sorting them and into red and then into blue.

Here are the sorted fabrics after the yellow and red dye baths and ready to go into the blue.

Peter looks very elegant in his dyeing apparel doesn't he?

This is when the magic happens - suddenly a whole spectrum appears. It never fails to amaze me that all these colours are in the same dyepot.

Here is a batch of the ones which didn't go into the blue at all.

Here are some of the middle strength ones.

These were the earthy colours palette. We have the fabric all ready to do a bright version next.


Valeri said...

Those colours are so gorgeous. One could almost eat them!

zquilts said...

I might faint - these are SO gorgeous!
WOW !!

Twisted Sister said...

Yummy, yummy colors! It looks like such fun with all the fabric out in the yard. It is inspirational just looking at the color gradations in what you call 'earthly' - which I call 'jewel' tones.

Stitch 'n Dye said...

Oh what Joy to see this!

I live in the UK and went to take Carol's course last April - at Nancy Crow's barn. It was truly wonderful and has revolutionised my dyeing method and how happy I am with the results.

Tomorrow I begin to explore value gradations - I am starting with blues and neutrals.