Friday, February 1, 2008

Am I a geek?

Well the answer just has to be YES!

I have been converted to Apple Macs and we now have two in the house. I have such fun with them but have been absolutely hanging out for the Apple IPhone to come to Australia. Unfortunately patience is not one of my attributes and I have decided that I needed an IPod - I don't really but I can justify anything if I want to.

The sale this week of my Journeys piece was just the impetus I needed to buy an IPod Touch which is basically the IPhone without the phone. Nobody rings me on my phone anyway.....

So I bit the bullet and bought one - spent all day yesterday going through the 90 page manual and now have it all set up with my contacts, my calendar, music, podcasts and soon will have movies, tv shows, my photos and anything else I can find to play with.

I have noticed that I prefer to listen to music instead of the tv in my studio and I have been spending a lot of time in there lately ........ see I told you I could justify anything.

But - hey - why not!! Life is too short.


Lindi said...

Oh yes, everyone should have one of those!
I have an ipod mini set up with speakers in my craft room. It has enough music uploaded to last all day. No need to leave off doing things to change CDs; no precious storage space lost catering for CDs.
Definitely a craft requirement tool. Wonder when I can upgrade? LOL

MG Quilts said...

You say 'geek' like it's a bad thing! I prefer the term 'gadget girl' ... sounds a touch less nerdy.

BTW, I am SO jealous! But since you don't have an iPhone, we can still be friends. ;^)