Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bad Day for the Environment

I try to be environmentally responsible but today I was not a model citizen.

We had over 100m of fabric drying on multiple clothes lines but the persistant (however welcome) rain has tried our patience. So we finally decided to take the lot to the local laundromat for drying. So down it all came and into the car and loaded into nice big commercial dryers. Drive home then return back to collect the dry load.

Only problem was that everything was so dry that it would need ironing which just didn't appeal at all. So we decided to wet it all down and try our luck on the clothes lines again. Luckily the rain stayed away for long enough to get it all dry enough to bring inside again.

So with all the washing machines, dryers, driving I don't think I have been a good environmental citizen today.

Serves me right - now I have to cut it all up. But my water tanks are full now so that has to be worth something.

Also I had two new visitors to the blog today from Mongolia and Iran - the mind boggles about how they found me but I hope they enjoyed what they saw.

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