Sunday, March 30, 2008

Embellishing Class

Today I taught my Enchanting Embellisher class for the first time at The Purple Patch in Sydney. We had a full class of eager embellishers, all of whom had needle felting machines but had not really had the opportunity to have a good play with them. Here are half of them hard at work.

We ran through a variety of techniques and then in the afternoon each student just played around with an idea or combination of techniques. Not one was similar and the variety was amazing. There was not one broken needle all day and fabrics and yarns and foils and rovings were tested with abandon.

These were my leaves done on water soluble stabiliser and then stitched with metallic thread in the bobbin.

Here are some of the wonderful pieces. I think I learnt as much as they did and it was amazing to see the change from the tentative first needle punches to the exciting whirring at the end of the afternoon.

There is another class scheduled for later in the year at Purple Patch but if you are interested in something sooner please contact me as I think there are lots of machine owners out there that would really like the opportunity to have a play and learn how to best use their new toy.

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Nikki said...

Beautiful use of color. And the most amazing thing, no broken needles, that would be more than I could hope for!