Thursday, March 6, 2008

Paducah Acceptance

I was very excited to hear today that my quilt Squared Up has been accepted into Paducah. It was quilted brilliantly by Nic Bridges and is still my favourite quilt at the moment so I am very pleased that it will get to travel across the sea to Paducah.
Having checked out the list of other semi-finalists I am thrilled to be in such brilliant company including many friends.

I have to thank Jamie Fingal who helped me beat the tyranny of distance and time for the entry form. The internet is a wonderful thing but these friendships created by it are priceless.



What a beautiful quilt.No surprise that's its been accepted.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

WOOOHOOOO!!!! And since I'm teaching there, I'd be happy to do a stand in for you and take pics!!!!! Best of all, I'll be joining you, as my Koi quilt got in (THANK YOU for posting the link... I'm in California and had no idea the results were out, so was able to hit your hotlink and go find the happy news!).

Here's to both of us winning ribbons... ya think? Gotta run. Time for bed.... we are the hotel and I am stressed beyond bearing some moments.... it has been difficult with Ma, but I think (and hope) that today--the first day of the packing--was the worst and that all we need to do now is endure until we get to Maine. More when I'm home.

MAJOR congrats and can't wait to see your beauty in the cloth!

Cheers, Sarah

Linda said...

Congratulations Lisa! And well deserved, it's a gorgeous quilt!
Cheers, Linda

Christine said...

Well done and richly deserved too!
Great to see the Aussies doing so well on the world stage. Now I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed hoping for a prize winning ribbon too!
Christine in Sydney

Kt said...

Whee! Big congrats on more richly-deserved recognition!

Oh, and those firendships? So true, so true. :-)

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Congratulations, Lisa! Paducah is a very Big Deal, and I'm so happy for you. Gorgeous quilt!

Helen said...

Congratulations Lisa, a feather for your cap

Lindi said...

Congratulations, Lisa! I do hope you get a ribbon, the quilt certainly deserves one. It's stunning!

judy coates perez said...

Congratulations Lisa, I hope your quilt gets a ribbon to go with it. I really like your choice of quilting.

Twisted Sister said...

I love the colors on this piece - it is just yummy, bright, rich and beautiful. And the quilting - gorgeous! I hope you get a ribbon!
Jamie Fingal

Nikki said...

I absolutely love this quilt. Purple and green are my favorite. And such energy.

Anonymous said...

That is such a brilliant quilt. Great colours, interesting geometrics, and obviously great quilting too.

Wendy P