Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What not to do with a Passport

We needed to find Peter's passport yesterday but couldn't find it anywhere. Working backwards from his return from India a few weeks ago - we finally found it! In the pocket of the trousers he wore home. Unfortunately they were now very clean - which is more than we can say for the passport.

Note to self - take passport out of pocket before washing........


verobirdie said...

Well, I knew of money laundry, not of passport laundry :-)
My dad drop his wallet in the toilet someday, with all our ID cards in it... notices severals hours after... they looked like the passport, less chewed though.

Abfab Art Studio said...

Oh Lisa, what a pain to get a new passport! I just went through that last year when my passport was missing after my last move.

I love this photo - says it all!

PS - love your blog.


carrie said...

LOL - I hope it's cheaper to get a new passport for you than it is in the UK! One of mine did that and it cost an arm and a leg...

downunderdale said...

worth telling them that it could only have happened in India? Or you could create a fabulous work of art - a starting point for an Indian journal?
cheers Dale