Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Baby

My baby has sent me some photos of his workplace. OK so he is not a baby but a grown man but to me he will always be my little boy. These photos have made me realise this.


Christine said...

Wow Lisa. It would be great seeing whales swim by, but I'm a non-swimmer, so the thought of being out in the deep ocean like that is a bit daunting. During fine weather though I'm quite certain it would indeed be lovely. Thanks for sharing,

Thomas Walton said...

Aw thanks mum :)

Rhonda said...

Great photos. (Thanks, Tom! You've obviously inherited some artistic ability )- and what a fantastic experience it must be.

Lindi said...

Wow! What amazing sights Tom must be seeing, not to mention the experiences. Thanks for capturing them, Tom, and thanks, Lisa, for sharing!

Bluejanem said...

Hey Lisa - my sister's husband works on the huge tugs that pull the rigs around the ocean - some of the photos he has of waves are amazing - my hat goes off to them - working in these sometimes terribly harsh conditions.

Francie said...

The second picture just gives me the heebie-jeebies! My highest respect goes to your son and the other brave folks with whom he works in that forbidding environment!