Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wonderful Exhibition

We went to an amazing exhibition on Tuesday at the Annandale Gallery in Sydney. Zadok Ben David is a sculptor who works in metals in the most intricate detail. These two pieces outside the Gallery were larger and life size (as was their prices - over $100,00) but were absolutely stunning.

Inside the exhibition was mainly trees and plants. All exquisitely executed and detailed. Tiny plants of paper thin polished metal on one side and accurately painted on the other. Only a few inches high and some were displayed in mirrored boxes showing both sides.

The two terrace houses next door to the Gallery had really wonderful mouldings on the doors and windows. Look at the two different faces on the adjoining front doors.

Wednesday saw me having a wonderful long lunch with Erica where time just disappeared as we talked and talked and talked. I love my life which allows me to spend my days like this.

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Christine said...

Lisa, very intriguing. Must send a link to my mini friends, they'd love the trees. This post qualifies for the March TIF challenge I think, certainly lots of small detail in those works, LOL!