Monday, May 12, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Yesterday I closed a loop and finally got my degree from The National Institute of Dramatic Art which I went to 30 years ago. When I went the course was only a Diploma and about 10 years ago they made it a degree course and offered a Conversion Program for previous graduates. I had never bothered to do it but when they announced it was the last year I bit the bullet and did the additional work just to get the bit of paper.

Yesterday was the Graduation Ceremony and an interesting step back into the past for me but I think I have closed that loop now.

My first friend in my first job in theatre was a lovely lady Gabrielle who, although she returned to England many years ago, frequently returned to spend summers in Australia as she loved the heat and the Tennis Season. We last saw her 18months ago when she splurged her money on a first class ticket out here and we spent New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour and had a wonderful time. We knew she was unwell with Breast Cancer but she never talked about it and remained positive.

This morning we got the call that no one wants to get - she had died peacefully and quickly. We have lovely memories of our last time together.

Sleep peacefully Gabby - we will miss you.


Rayna said...

Oh, Lisa - one gain, one loss. Happy that you have your degree - hooray for that! So sorry about your friend Gabby.

Judy said...


You must feel very sad, a few weeks back i lost a long time friend i hardly saw in recent years to brain cancer.

My thoughts are with you.

Congratulations on your degree, alot of hard work I should think.


jude said...