Saturday, May 10, 2008

Painting in the Sunshine

Today was so sunny and warm - a perfect autumn day that I thought I might do some painting for a project that I have in mind.

You can see that these must be the colours that are in my head at the moment as they are similar to the beading I showed you yesterday. That is coming along well too.

This piece had some tape put on and then brushed over with paint. When dried, the tape removed and then other paints added in strips

Washed with diluted paint and then stencilled with a couple of Lumiere Paints

Light hand dyed piece with blotchy ink marks then stencilled over the top with mesh

Diluted inks painted on with Japanese brush. The sort of brush that looks like a 4 or 5 brushes joined together.

Scrunched up then washed over with a few inks which have merged.

A fun few hours which hopefully will generate the inspiration needed for my next piece.

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