Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beaded Jewel Box Class in Sydney

Next Tuesday - 10th June - I am running a beading class in conjunction with the Sydney Quilt & Craft Fair. It is a class that explores interesting bead embellishment techniques such as elevated beading and bead embroidery techniques. They can then be used to embellish your quilts or other decorative items such as the satin jewel boxes shown here.

No beading experience is required and there is a kit available which contains everything you need including a large jewel box, beads, needle, beading thread and template. All you need to bring is a pair of scissors and a small embroidery hoop.

If you are interested in doing the class you need to enrol at Craft Fair and I look forward to seeing you in class.

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Fee said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful.

I'm happy to find your blog and i'll sure to return.

Greetings from Germany