Thursday, June 5, 2008


Peter has always hated the tree you can see here with the orange berries and purple flowers. I loved it as it is colourful and interesting. Recently we received yet another letter from a neighbour demanding we cut down some trees on our fence line.
This was an ongoing saga for many years but in the end we cut down a magnificent jacaranda just so her bonsais could get more light. She claimed extensive damage to her home but it was never settled but the jacaranda still had to go. Over the last few years we have managed to fill the space a bit.

This time she was complaining about some umbrella plants that had gone wild and as I didn't feel much attachment to them we agreed to get rid of them. So with the assistance of two (I suspect) backpackers employed by the tree guy this is how my garden looks now. I am pretty upset by it but like all gardens - they grow again, eventually.

At least we get a bit more hanging space for the fabric to dye - if it would just stop raining.


Tanguera said...

Oh, your poor garden. Like you said, at least you have more room for hanging fabric.

AkaTinkerbell said...

Watch out Lisa your neighbour will start to complain about to much colour coming from your garden next !!!!

Keep up the postive thoughts and one day they may jump the fence and help the neighbour enjoy seeing all those wonderful colours that only a garden can produce !!!