Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Half a Day Off

Another early start to fly down to Melbourne but a beautiful clear flight and a I had a window seat I took advantage of the view.

Once settled in the apartment with the aid of my wonderful new iphone and its brilliant map function we set off for lunch. Ending up in Brunswick St, a place I recommend for any art appreciative traveller , we finally decided on the nationality for lunch - Indian today. We think we could probably have a different cuisine every night for the week we are here without walking two blocks. So exciting for a couple of foodies.

The street sculpture was wonderful - both static and living. This fellow offered a poem in exchange for a beer .

Then my eye was caught by a glint of silver and after going back a couple of times I couldn't resist. So now I am the proud owner of this beautiful necklace.

Then with the assistance of my phone (again) we went to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Art Deco exhibition from the V&A Museum. It was wonderful and I am now very inspired with lots of geometric ideas for quilts.

All that and we haven't even had dinner yet.

Unfortunately the rest of the week will be flat out with the Quilt & Craft Show. I hope lots of people come and say hi.


zquilts said...

Sounds like a good prelude to the show. Hope it's a great one for you !

Nic Bridges said...

I am SO jealous - I love Melbourne and you've described what might be a perfect day. Hope the week continues in this vein. Have fun!!