Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chance to Sit for a While

Today we had an early start getting all our stuff to the shippers but after two trips it was all done. We timed ourselves perfectly to end up at a favourite Vietnamese restaurant just on lunch time which was very yummy as usual.

When I got home I thought I deserved a sit down after putting away my latest bead order (just 15kg this time) so finished watching the first of the Quilting Arts TV DVDs which arrived earlier this week.

I think that Series No 2 will have to wait until we come back from Melbourne as there are still quite a lot of things to be done before we leave including finishing two quilts. I should stop procrastinating.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I have been thinking of ordering the DVD's too, but I read something/somewhere about compatability... are you able to watch on your DVD player ok? P.s, love your work!! Lx