Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Melbourne here we come!

We are nearly packed and ready to take everything to the shippers tomorrow for the Melbourne Quilt & Craft Show. We are really looking forward to going down although I suspect it is going to be a lot colder that when we were down in February at the AQC.

As usual we have been dyeing up a storm and will be bringing down all my latest projects including Aurora as well as stocks of the magazine and DVD.

For the needle-felters/embellishers amongst you - I have also just dyed lots of loose weave muslin which is not quite as loose as cheesecloth but takes the dye beautifully and felts up really nicely. I have 10 different colours tied up in twists (70cm x 50cm). They are very yummy. If they are popular I will put them onto the website but if you are interested now just let me know. They are $10 each and I will post them free in Australia if you want all 10.

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donnarae said...

Lisa, have a fabulous time in Melbourne! I am so envious that you girls have this muslin -- I want some in the US! :-)