Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disappointment in Medical Science

I have a bad back - very bad at times and have finally been to a seriously credible professor to guage whether or not surgery would be beneficial. Not that I was hanging out to go under the knife but you know how we all want a miracle cure so we can get on with our lives.
Well disappointment ensues - although I have a fairly serious lack of disk space there is nothing that can be done until it gets much worse. The only advice that I was given was to basically give up my lifestyle/artistic endeavours - like that is going to happen - lose a ridiculous amount of weight and build up strength in stomach and back muscles. Easier said than done and of course I can't give up my new artistic life.


Clare w said...

ha but surgeons only have surgery in their armoury. have you tried an Osteopath? great one here in Uk when you are over. don't give up on this one guy. jgyg x

Kt said...

It's a tough road either way, by the sounds of it. Hope knowing you are well-loved makes the coping easier.


Nic Bridges said...

I'm sorry to hear you sounding so defeated - don't give up, something will happen to improve things (probably when you least expect it). I was wondering whether it would help to have an Occupational Therapist assess your workplace and habits, see if there might be some ergonomic improvements you could make.

Virginia said...

I would highly recommend that you look into taking some yoga classes. My mom had osteoporosis with curvature of the spine -- and taking yoga managed to stop her osteo. in its tracks. It is very good for bones as well as stress -- and is not cardiovascular (i.e. difficult). Giving up your art isn't an option -- changing your health lifestyle is. (By the way -- I have a slipped disc in my lower back & have managed to avoid pain & surgery for 20 years.) Good luck!

Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

I know how you must suffer as i have a really bad back myself, I was never sure enough of surgery to take the potion and i remember one specialist 30 years ago Telling me I was "a foolish, foolish woman for not taking that option.

Yoga sounds a good way and there are many other not surgical option from what I hear.

Hang in there Lisa something will come along, but in the mean time become aware of you body, how you move, how you lift things its amazing what awareness can do.

zquilts said...

Much the same as I have heard - such comfort. Surgery in my area is risky - so they wait til it's the only option left. Great. Hang in there ! There is always your art - and that should make you VERY happy !