Monday, August 18, 2008

My Baby the Oil Man

My son Tom works on offshore oil rigs (or maybe they are gas) but they are scary dangerous places - or so I, as a caring mother, believe. He has just returned from a shift on a new rig which is somewhere near East Timor and has shared some of his images with me.

These are the life rafts which hold 50 people - there are four of them - hope they never have to use them!

This is the chopper that gets him to work - hard seats, tiny windows, noisy and boring.

Sunrise or maybe sunset?

Helicopter landing pad - love the colours


Princess of The Golden Thread said...

Enjoying his photos - showing his inner artist - I could hang the landing pad one on the wall.


Thomas said...

That photo is sunrise, on the best day of the hitch.. leaving day :D

Thanks for sharing my photos :)

Love you, T

p.s. all rigs do both gas and oil, when its in the ground the gas is a liquid (LNG) and virtualy the same as oil.