Friday, August 29, 2008

First Few Days

One of the reasons for coming to England was to see some of the places Peter grew up. This cottage was one of the few places where he has happy memories of his childhood. It is across the road from the village green which was full of enormous oak trees. I even snuck a look in the windows as no one was at home. Then we went for a walk down the lane where I managed to eat quite a few wild blackberries before being stung with stinging nettles.

To answer your question Tricia- this cottage is in Stanway Green in Colchester although we have seen many around Norfolk.

The English are very polite aren't they?

I loved this falling down fence by the side of the road.


Tricks said...

Hi Lisa,
Just saw your photo of the thatched cottage, I wondered where this is? I expect it is in the South West of England somewhere, but I could be wrong, we have a few thatched cottages where I live here in Kent. I'm just curious. Tricia from the Uk

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Welcome to England. Sorry about the diabolical weather. This is the second summer in a row like this. Hope you've brought sunnier climes with you.

RHONDA said...

Hmmm...the notice isn't all that polite - they haven't even said "please"! (grin)

I love the cottage. It reminds me of Denmark.

Pennie & David said...

I can easily make room on our family room wall for that sign Lisa! You gotta love it! Is Peter enjoying his memories?

Tricks said...

Thanks for the answer Lisa, I should have realised, yes, Norfolk does have some lovely thatched buildings especially with all those reeds etc.. there.

I should have also said, Welcome to England, I do hope that you are enjoying your time here.

Sentimental journeys eh? I have recently been rediscovering some of my childhood days on my blog so I know how Peter must be feeling. Enjoy, despite our awful weather. Best Wishes Tricia