Sunday, September 28, 2008

Korean Kapers

Not really but I wanted to be alliterative.

One of the first things we usually do when we travel is just go for a wander in the neighbourhood. Being Sunday night is was very quiet but we did managed to find a restaurant where the owner not only cooked our food at our table (they usually get you to do it yourself) but she even popped morsels into our mouths. We felt a little self conscious but nobody knows us. I was a bit concerned about the two blonde russian ladies who were brought in by a minder. I think they may have a night job...

Breakfast was sort of toasted sandwiches - this one had egg, ham/meat (I think) pickle, cheese and cabbage and a couple of sweet sauces. Only about $1 and very yummy washed down with a frozen kiwi fruit drink.

Anyway - markets are always a magnet to us and the food market was definitely very different from the French ones. Fish - dried, pickled and just looking very odd were the main provision at this one.
These are tiny dried fish - like whitebait I guess

We seem to be staying on stainless steel street and many of these stores were also manufacturing.

We found the wholesale fabrics and notions area of course. These are just some of the braids we found (and didn't buy)

In an underground market there was a whole area just selling fabrics (and I think making) traditional Korean costumes. I was on the lookout for pojagi but only saw a few small samples.

Can you guess what these stores sell - hand engraved stamps.

And here is our only purchase for the day - extra long gloves for dyeing. Peter found these and is very excited about the possibility of having gloves that don't let the dyes splash into his short gloves. He bought 10 pairs at a bargain price.