Tuesday, September 16, 2008

London Quilters in a Cellar

Back to London to be guest speaker for the London Quilters Meeting. We turned up at their regular meeting place to be confronted with a very dark and definitely closed building. We waited and waited and waited and the members started arriving until quite a crowd was assembled outside the still dark and closed building. We had a problem!
It seems that the owner of the building had gotten confused and had not realised the (regular) meeting was going ahead leaving about 50 ladies getting colder and colder in the Autumn London dusk.
As quilters are used to be resourceful Judy went across the road and spoke to the owner of an Indian Restaurant which did not appear to be busy on a Monday night. He had an empty room in the cellar which he kindly agreed to clear and set up for us. Within a very short time everyone crossed the road and descended downstairs for the meeting. It was very cosy with ladies sitting on the floor and the stairs but it was very funny and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

We were also fortunate enough to be offered accomodation with one of the members who lives at the London Mennonite Centre. This amazing old mansion was an incredible example of architecture with a beautiful chestnut tree in the enormous garden full of squirrells throwing conkers down on unsuspecting visitors to the garden.

We have been so fortunate meeting such interesting people and going to places well off the tourist path due to the wonderful sisterhood of quilters.

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Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

Quilters are resourceful aren't they. Thanks for sharing your trip via your blog. My son/law grew up in a village called Great Tew in Oxfordshire; I have always wanted to see England, so now through you and Peter I feel I am having a free trip.