Saturday, September 20, 2008

London Snippets

We left London yesterday and after 3 hours waiting for Eurostar and then the trip we finally arrived in the evening. More of Paris later.

London was great although I don't think I could live there. The traffic is chaotic and everything is crowded even though it is not peak season. It will be interesting to see how they cope with the Olympics in 2012. However - being surrounded in all that history is astounding and we did most of the usual tourist things.

Changing of the Guard - didn't think it was as good as at Windsor Castle as we were close up there whereas at Buck House everything was too far away and behind gates.

Tate Modern - would it be sacrilege to say it was too modern for us? There were some really weird things there which I have to admit - did little for us. Great building though - especially the art on the wall outside. Cafe was good too.

Most interesting meal - Dans Le Noir - totally dark venue and you sit at a table with strangers in the dark and try and work out what you are eating. I will admit we were very nervous about this and I actually had a panic attack when we went in but managed to get over it but was quite relieved when it was over. Food was good and i mainly ate mine with my fingers and could identify most things. Was a bit shocked at the end though when we read the menu and found that there had been snails in the main course. I hope that they were the things I rejected (in the dark you can take things out of your mouth and put them back on your plate and no-one knows!) Very surreal evening but luckily we had a nice couple next to us (as opposed to a noisy party of young things) - did I mention noise is heightened in the dark? All in all a very interesting experience but I don't need to repeat it.

Loved the British Museum where they were having a small display of conservationist and of course the best collection of Egyptian items.

My favourite exhibit however was in the Living and Death exhibition where there was a modern piece following the lives of a woman and a man through their medications from birth. As someone who thinks they probably rattle from all the pills they take I found this disturbingly moving.

The textiles were great too. This was a jacket from the Hmuong tribes

I loved this little English child in full leather elbow finery.


Vicki W said...

I was working in London when the Gerkin, in your first photo, was being built. They had a light show of osrts in the building during construction. It was really cool except that it flashed into my flat window at night. I also agree with you about the Tate. My very favorite place is the V&A. Thanks for sharing the photos and stirring my memory!

Pennie & David said...

Phew! I'm happy to agree with you about the Tate Modern... I tried to like it in the late 60's, tried again in the late 70's but it made me so angry I didn't bother in 2005! Loved The Globe and the V&A and so many other places that one can just wander about admiring. Can't like the Gerkin though!