Friday, November 21, 2008

New Fabrics

We recently purchased a lot of textured cottons which just cried out to be overdyed. So 35m later we now have a wonderful collection of hand dyed textured fabrics. I really enjoyed doing this and seeing the results so I will be on the lookout for more opportunities.

These are destined for the Australian Quilt Convention (AQC) which is our next big show in February. A lot of dyeing to be done before then - 500m delivered this week and that will only be one of many orders I suspect. Here are some of them. Aren't they yummy?

If you are doing workshops at the AQC and have your requirements list and need anything specific - just contact me. I am sure we can help.

In answer to the question - Yes they are very soft - they are indian cottons - sold as patchwork fabric but much nicer now than when they were just off white. Some have been stitched through in patterns which stayed white - must have been polyester thread but look really good.


Judy said...


Are they ever yummy especially the pinks and reds. Not normally my colours but these overdyes are to die for.

Anonymous said...

lisa-have they come up soft like the plain colours?-camcas

RHONDA said...

These are good enough to tempt me away from my determination to buy no more fabric until I'd used a heap of what I have. They are gorgeous!

Ida said...

hey I totally love them and these are really good and I have a passion for red and pink colours and they are really the colours to die for.

Bluejanem said...

I have a couple of fat quarters of the plain ones - but these are beautiful - what a wonderful idea you had to dye them. Might have to go to AQC just to get some.


Anonymous said...