Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have to do a piece of bias applique - not my favourite technique - for the C&G module. It has to be based on one of the line images we have collected and I really like this one of a garden hose on the bricks.
So while I get up the nerve to do in in fabric I have extended the photo in watercolours. I really should do more - I enjoy using them so much.

My deepest thanks for all your kind wishes for my recovery. They mean so much to me. Today was not a brilliant start. I slipped on my crutches in the bathroom and trying to avoid hurting my foot I slammed my knee on the tiles and caught the door latch with my face. Not the most attractive now with a fairly deep cut on my cheek - hope it doesn't scar.


Anonymous said...

HI Lisa-Just a though -can you source a walking frame to use in the bathroom . With rubber feet not wheels you can lift them forward and then hop. May be more stable on the tiles than crutches.
Poor you-I hope santa brings you a speedy recovery!!!:) camcas

Christine said...

Oh dear Lisa. I know men are proud of their "battle scars" but I don't think women are so keen on them. I use Arnica cream to promote quick healing and reduce scarring. Some chemists stock it but most health food stores certainly do. Best wishes still flowing in your direction for a speedy recovery (now including sore knee and cut

zquilts said...

This is not the time of year to have self destruct issues!! Poor baby - hang in there - it will get better. Use lots 'o Vitamin E on that gash - and you will really reduce the scar potential!

Judy said...


I am sorry to hear about your fall, crutches can be a trap around places like bathrooms - now don't do that again will you hope you face heal with no scar.

The pic is good of the hose, I focused on the bricks, liked their colours against one another.

carrie said...

Hope you heal quickly and with no scarring.

I like the hose :)

Anonymous said...

Having another look at your watercolour projects and noticing they are all three browns and muddy greens[avocado,treetrunks and hose on bricks]??? Hmmm?? Where have all your beautiful colours gone. Perhaps you really need a bigger set of paints from santa with lots more colours ??? camcas

Anonymous said...

Love the bricks. Thought you said you couldn't paint!