Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Avocado Update

Remember the painted avocado which was then interpreted into a collage of small pieces of fabric.
Well here it is in its next incarnation. It had to be free motion quilted so I did a bit of thread painting with relative success. It is only a small pieces and I don't think I would like to do a large quilt using this technique but a very interesting exercise.

For those of you interested in my ongoing recovery. It is slow - my scarred face is healing and I have now used up all my prescribed pain killers so I guess they think I should not be in pain anymore. Unfortunately not quite and I still have three more days of self inflicted injections to endure.

Christmas Eve here and it will a very quiet one for us but I hope you all have a great day.


Anonymous said...

That avocado looks ever more fabulous.BTW if a script runs out u ask for another if u need it -or buy something OTC to help!
I saw a movie once witha grest line init-"there is no need to suffer pain-it's simply not necessary"!!!!
Glaedig Jul![danish] camcas

zquilts said...

The avacado is totally "out-of-sight"! I think's it's one of your best yet! Call your doc - pain on Christmas is NOT an option !

Rayna said...

Love the avocado even more with the stitching. Yes, call the doctor!!
Pain at any time is not an option.
We're having a quiet Xmas, too - as always. We usually go to the movies but the only thing we want to see is opening today and it will be a zoo!
Hugs for a pain-free week and a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself.

ozjane said...

You are meant to heal better if you are not in pain.
Is there any swelling you need a frozen bag of peas on. They helped a lot but did not have plaster...but you could ask.
And are you using forearm crutches or the under the arm ones.
Forearm are unbelievably better.
Two hip and two knee replacements later. Hugs for healing and not hurting.