Monday, December 8, 2008


Today was monoprinting day.

My print/dyeing table still had dye on it after a lovely set of blue green multicoloured fabric so I grabbed the journals and pressed them onto the spent dye. Got some great washes which I then used as the base for the monoprints.

Then onto the monoprints with acrylic paints. Fun but a bit messy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-i always love the idea of journals-all those lovely snowy white pages that hold so much promise. Always prefer the sewn binding though. I always think they are spoilt by ugly black wire bindings. Oh ,by the way,love that swirl print!!! camcas

Lisa Walton said...

Then you need to get one and just start. They say it is better to put a wash on the paper as the pure white tends to be a bit intimidating.