Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scrap Bags

Today we started sorting fabrics to make up into scrap bags - thanks to Maggie for her help - and I wanted to change the photo for the website so played around a little.
I really like these macros shots of the end of the roll.
These will be on the new website which is coming soon.

Earth Scrap Bag

Blue Scrap Bags

Green Scrap Bag


Rayna said...

Eye candy - how tempting! How's the patient? Hope you are feeling better, Lisa. said...

i'm enjoying the photos; the lines and the colors. i wanted to share with you that i am recovering from hand surgery; carpal tunnel release and a thumb joint replacement. it's been 4 1/2 weeks since surgery, with a 3 month recovery time expected. one thing that surprised me is how much rest i need, and the energy needed for just every day things, with one hand, my non dominant hand, are really demanding. i'm not able to handle scissors, pins or needles, or a rotary cutter yet, so my art is on "pause". my need for rest while i am healing, growing bone and tendons, etc., does take most of my creative juices, it seems. this week, i may be given a bit more freedom in motion, more therapy exercises, which i know will hurt, but still i'll have a big, stiff brace on my hand and lower arm. i keep telling myself it's coming along, and soon i'll be able to create again. fortunately, my pain level is low to moderate at times. best wishes in your major foot surgery. be patient with yourself. best wishes, rosemary

zquilts said...