Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bricks and Hose

This is the bias strip exercise where I have recreated the brick pattern and then appliqued the hose over the top. Not quilted yet - will wait to see if I need to do it next module. Only a couple more exercises to do for Module 2 and then onwards to Module 3.

We have the 'grandkittens' staying over while my daughter has a party tonight. One disappears for the duration under the bed and the other one has found a comfortable spot too. Pity it means I have to hop everywhere....


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I see even the festive season hasn't halted the creativity. Me too, even on Xmas day until the family arrived.
You have chosen lovely warm colours for the bricks. Quilting is the quick bit you have completed the hardest part.
Liked the avocado too.

ozjane said... are not letting that little ball of fluff make you hop.
Pick it up and have someone put it on your knee ...but it will survive very well on a quilt or a cushion.
Ask me how I know.......we have a battle for the feet spot in the bed each night. And if she does not win .......she lives.
Little con artists they are.

Lisa Walton said...

No I was only joking - I am much tougher than that little ball of fluff and am happy to throw it off and take my rightful place.

Anonymous said...

Love those beautiful reds in your bricks-any in your shop???[like I NEED MORE FABRIC!!!] CAMCAS

Quiltycat said...

Isn't it amazing how they seem to know just what is the MOST needed seat and they take it!
Hope you are doing all the right things and being a good patient! Carmel