Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Website

I have finally launched the New Dyed & Gone to Heaven Website. I am very pleased with it and would welcome comments. My enforced convalescence has allowed me the luxury of time to stop procrastinating and just get on with it.

It contains Galleries of my work as well as student and customer work and a comprehensive listing of Workshops and Events where we will be over the coming year.

There are also new products including a Beautiful Bead Club to complement my very popular Monthly Metres Club. Each month you will receive a stacking container of coordinated beads to inspire you. There is also a free reel of Silamide (the best beading thread) with your first stack so you can start beading straight away.

I hope you will visit.


Angelika Westermann said...

Hi Lisa,
Just had a first look at your new website! Looks cool. You might want to correct a typing error in your biography. The "tried" in "tried to replicate" is missing an "e"....
Glad to hear that you are allowed on your own footing again :-) Take care! I remember that after my operation my greatest fear was to stumble and land on my operated foot.
Cheers, Angelika

Lindi said...

The new site is fabulous! Very professional and well laid out. Easy to navigate and lovely and clear. I love the menu on the side. Stylish, modern and creative!

Lisa Walton said...

Thanks - typos fixed.

Anonymous said...

love the new look-very easy to navigate and is much more substantial-of course i'll be signing up for the beads asap!!!camcas