Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Week and a Giveaway

We have been very busy packing up everything for our first show of the year - the Australasian Quilt Convention. We love this show as it is for dedicated quilters and there is such a buzz for all four days. Please come and say hi if you are at the Show.

We had so much new stuff to pack and are very excited to see if it hits the right note with quilters.

Our house now looks bereft as nearly every room had stuff in it - now it just looks unkempt. I think a good vacuum and dust would not go astray.

Having emptied everything out always makes us look at what is left and Peter has spent the last hour shredding years of paperwork that has lain dormant for far too long. I have relabelled pattern shelves and thrown out stuff which made me cringe to look at it so I feel refreshed.

I have also started Module 5 of my City & Guilds which is always exciting. This one is on Form and here are some examples I have found around our house today.
There are 12 images on this mosaic.

I will give a metre of my hand dyed fabric to the first person who can guess all 12.


Anne said...

Lisa, am I to guess what these things are?

If so, then here's my stab at it, l-r, top to bottom:

1. cement building thing (some Aussie thing a Yank wouldn't recognize)
2. the bubble stuff that comes in Amazon boxes
3. canisters
4. floor lamp
5. bowl, large, probably like for fruit or something
6. teapot
7. vase, ceramic
8. the inside of a thermostat
9. pine cone
10. candle orb
11. terracotta planter
12. garden sculpture

Teresa said...

Lisa, well here we go
1. Wooden beams under a house
2. Shower Curtain
3. Wood Cannisters
4. Upright Lamp
5. Metal Bowl
6. Japanese Teapot
7. Ceramic Egg
8. Internals of Electronic Equip
9. Seed of Australian native
10. Candle and glass holder
11. terracotta pot plant
12. Garden sculpture

Looking forward to AQC as well.


Teresa said...
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Jenny said...

hi Lisa

There are some interesting things in your pictures. Here are my guesses. Don't know all of them but they may help someone else with their list.

1. I have no idea - looks like it is concrete and under the house somewhere. It doesn't help living in Australia.
2. Plastic shower curtain
3. Wooden boxes
4. Uplight floor lamp
5. Lovely metal bowl
6. Tea pot
7. Egg shaped ornament
8. the inside of something made by Sony???
9. Seed pod from a banksia or hakea
10. Candle in glass bowl
11. Teracotta pot
12. garden sculpture

Thanks for the fun

Lisa Walton said...

You are both close but not quite there. There are three that have you both not quite got yet?

Anonymous said...

1-a horizontal treadmill that you can use sitting down
2-cooked spaghetti thatI forgot to drain
3-a chocolate cake
4-a plastic wineglass that would not crack in my dishwasher
5-a shower cap
6-that teapot my aunt gave me that keeps falling over cos the base is too small
7-one half of a ceramic bra
8-a thingy that you look thru at the optometrist before you pay hundreds of dollars for new specs
9-my teenage sons toothbrush
10-a snowball kissing an icecube
11-the kind of plantar pot my dog buries dead rabbits in- I only have really tall ones now she cant reach into
12-that mask thing that sword fighters wear
Really Lisa-whatever these all are they make an interesting group-cant wati to see what you do with them!! camcas

Anonymous said...

actually i think that last one is the cover from a garden light !!camcas

PrudenceB said...

Hi Lisa,

1. A cog on a wooden beam
2. Shower curtain
3. Wooden canisters
4. Floor lamp
5. Metal bowl
6. Teapot
7. Porcelain vase
8. Camera adaptor
9. Banksia cone
10. Candle in a glass holder
11. Planter box in your garden - terracotta
12. Garden light