Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It is hard to concentrate on things when I spend most news bulletins in tears due to the bushfire tragedy which is still underway.

Today I went through my quilt collection and managed to fill a box which I will be sending off as my little bit for help. I would much rather they were being used by people in need than just sitting in a cupboard.

Don't forget that cash donations are still the most useful at this stage and the Red Cross is taking donations online so please do your bit even if you aren't in Australia.

I have been trying to work on the next Module of my C&G which is on texture. I was enjoying finding surfaces around the house to do rubbings - these are my bathroom tiles done with oil pastel crayons and then moved and done again with the second colour.

Also had to do Prairie Points in a couple of exercises. These ones were done with organza on hand dyes. Folding the organza was a bit tricky.

But the one that has me completely beat is the folded twisted square. I sat with the instructions for over an hour and still couldn't get it right. And I used to be so good with origami! Any suggestions would be gratefully received for how to do them easily. These are the ones with pleats which leave a lump in the middle which magically turns into a square.


Anonymous said...

love those praire points with organza lisa! i am not good with origami so i will not offer any advice!
I agree about the bushfires-theres a sad taste in the air everyday waiting for the latest horror to be revealed in the news.camcas

zquilts said...

Very nice work Lisa!
I soent well over an hour yesterday trying to get an origami pattern for a puzzle piece figured out. I thought I was just being a ditz - asked DH to do in the evening and he too was stumped. I put it away until this morning and got it to work out once...but after taking it apart to figure out how I had done it - I lost the answer to doing it again.... Arghhhh!!

Nancy Schlegel said...

Origami square-is this what you are looking for? I had it my class instructions.
Cut four 5" squares from 3-4 lightest accent fabrics. Fold a square in half wrong sides together and press, fold in half the other way and press the fold being careful not to undo the pressing of the first fold. Take each fold and make a 3/4" pleat to the right, pinning the fold to the edge of the square. Each side of the square should measure 3 1/2" now. Lay the square flat on the table and smooth the folds from the edge toward the center. As a square starts forming in the center, flatten that. Press the whole square. Sorry about the American dimensions-it can be any size really.

Nancy Schlegel