Thursday, March 5, 2009


I know I have already mentioned the AQC but wanted you to see some more images of the Exhibition Centre. It was a joy to work there and can't wait to go back.

I spent a few minutes sketching it too.
What an inspiration.
We also really liked Federation Square and I am hoping to use some of the design features in an upcoming project as part of my C&G. Great lines and shapes aren't they?


Anonymous said...

well Lisa - I am NOT a fan of Federation Square except in so far as it is so ïnyourface"is demands comment. i alsways think it looks like a building site gone wrong that si only partly finished. everytime we drive past it i always hope thers is some change.... ugly,ugly ugly in my opinion.
Exhibition Hall on the other hand is magnificent on all levels .
Its not that I dont like modern architecture its just that Fed Square is so well ugly!!! CAMCAS

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Gosh...both of them struck me as "oooh, that'd be a cool quilting design" LOL! Yep... one track minds of the world unite!

makehasteslowly said...

Wow, the Exhibition Center is a beautiful building. And you can draw too! Oh to have talent. We can't wait to have you teaching with us in Orvieto! Bill Steiner, Adventures in Italy

Mя Đo™ јuŝт ғøя ғци said...

it's good, i like