Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rosalie Gascoigne

Here are some more images from the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition for those of you who don't know her work.
Detail from the above work

She was a brillian recycler using road signs, old flooring, bits of fence posts - just about anything she could find.

These are chopped up fluorescent road signs.

These wonderful cupie dolls used to be prizes at local fairs with brilliant tulle frocks and stuck on the end of a stick which you carried around with pride.

I loved this window which is made even more special by the fact that the curtain is made of corrugated iron.


Chriss said...

Thankyou for sharing these images with us. I have just seen some of her work on TV and really enjoyed the programme. She certainly was a great and inventive creator.

Judy said...


Thanks for the pictures, Rosalie Gasgoine was a very forward thinking talent and the whole exibition must be a real treat.