Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chaos descends

For a while now we have been thinking of doing a bit of renovating to give me one nice clean studio rather than a mish mash of rooms. We finally got around to getting a quote which appeared to be reasonable so made the decision to go ahead.

Only problem is that the builder wants to start NOW! Normally we would have been thrilled but I am about to leave for Coffs Harbour followed by a month in WA and three back to back Shows. We were already quite busy getting organised for all that but now life has descended into a slightly hysterical mess.

We have today and tomorrow to completely clear out my studio and the DAGTH storeroom (aka two bedrooms) and rip out the carpet. It has been a fun day as I also managed to dye about 50m of fabric. The photo is the view from the couch now.

Watch for progress

But I did have this special desert the other night - there is a passionfruit creme brulee under all that.

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