Saturday, May 16, 2009


Only two days more for the Perth Quilt and Craft Fair. I am really enjoying being in Perth and so it appears are the very active and athletic people in the hotel room next to me hence the 4am blog post.

West Australians seem to be very creative and enthusiastic about their patchwork and quilting and it is great to be sharing my ideas and fabrics with them. I am doing daily workshops talking about the techniques used in my Aurora and Midnight Sky (above) quilts which are proving very popular too.

I am also really looking forward to my classes next week especially my first trip to Kalgoorlie.

Also on the radar is the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane in two weeks.

We will be at this inaugural show which is showcasing the best of Australian Textile arts and hope to see many of you there. They are running competitions for free double passes from the website so I encourage you to check it out. There are also classes with some of Australia's best textile artists with places still available so take advantage of this great opportunity.


Sally Westcott said...

I love Midnight Sky Lisa - not too sure about the active people next door!

Kim said...

And it is no wonder why others like your quilts, these are lovely. I particularly like the Aurora... but then, I pretty much like all of yours I have seen.

Anonymous said...

it is very important to engage in 30 mins of aerobic exercise evey day.....even more convenient if itcan be done form the comfort of indoors....camcas

Judy said...


You sound like your having a great time, Perth is a lovely cit to be in.

Faith said...

Woooo I love the Midnight Sky this has given me an idea for a quilt for my own room for a wall hanging, I love the blues, the stars and the way how this is greatly hand quilted I just love hand quilted quilts!!