Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernina 820 Playtime

I spent some time today on my new Bernina 820. I managed to thread a new bobbin and put it back in correctly as well as thread it too. May sound simple especially when these ease of these features is one of its selling points. But you invariably get into a rhythm with your machine and can do it without thinking but any new machine is going to take time. I think I have mastered these now so onward I go.

I downloaded some of Patsy Thompsons free quilt designs and went through a set. They are progressive so you work through them getting more complex as you go. Got another set to work on tomorrow.

I used the BSR function which worked really well and I only outran it a few times. It was good as it made me slow down a little which I need for better control.

I had some issues with tension but found the tension adjustment screen/function very easy to use and quickly got it right. Tension has always been one of my issues so I am pleased about this.


Jamie Fingal said...

I am so jealous. This is an amazing machine, especially the dual-feed feature on the main foot and the zipper foot. It sews like a dream. Love the longer arm. Have fun!

CJ said...

Congratulations on your 820! Isn't it fantastic? I've had my 830 since February and couldn't be happier!

Anonymous said...

I am having problems getting the BSR to work correctly using many different types of threads, especially different ones on the top and bottom. Is this a problem of my new machine, or a problem with the 820?

purlgurl said...

Are you still enthralled with your 820. I have experienced nothing but problems.