Monday, June 8, 2009

Setup Day

Today we set up the stand for the Sydney Quilt & Craft Fair which opens on Wednesday at Darling Harbour Sydney.
We are very pleased to have a stand closer to the doors this year. Traditionally people always start at Row A and work through until the end. This must be very frustrating as the crowds in the first aisles are dreadful and down the other end you just hear the rumbling buzz of the crowd getting closer.

So this year we have a larger stand but nearer the doors which hopefully will be beneficial. It also meant that we could set up today and not tomorrow. Tomorrow is actually my birthday and it will be nice not to have to work and just have a pleasant relaxing day before the busy show week ahead.

This is what we started with and it only took about 3 hours to get it set up completely but we covered it all up before I got to take a finished photo.

It is always interesting to see what the Halls look like on setup days. Music is blaring and you can bop along to old familar songs.

We finished in such good time that we even went up to Chinatown for a great Yum Cha before going home (to wash and dye more fabrics)


Tommmy said...


Susie said...

Have a happy birthday tomorrow. I saw it listed amongst the scquilters birthdays.
And have a great show too
Cheers Sue/Susie

Chriss said...

Happy Birthday Lisa, hope you have a great day and sell heaps at the show.

Lindi said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa! Have a great day.

And have a successful show too.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday-love what u got from IKEA-I'll have to check them out too .All your quilts look fab all hung together.

PS HAve an extra chocky for me!!! camcas

Christine said...

Many Happy Returns Lisa. Birthdays and Chocolates just go together, I'm with you on that one, LOL. I set up the Embroiderers' Guild display on Tuesday, and they were playing some great oldies on the PA. Made you feel like dancing, at least it warmed us up at the rear of the halls with the loading docks open !!
Might see you at the show on Thursday or Sunday,