Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We are not really big on birthdays as I think I am in the fortunate situation of living my dream and there is not really anything I want. It was just really nice to get lots of messages from friends and my precious children.
Tradition - well one I am trying to instill anyway - deems that Peter & I give each other our favourite chocolates (which we then share) on our birthdays. They come from Colefax Chocolates (above) and have to be some of the best I've ever had and I have tested chocolates all over the world. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Peter also very kindly ventured to Ikea with me. He usually avoids it with passion but I think he relented today as a birthday treat. We ate lunch in their restaurant and had the very interesing meatballs. Not true gourmet fare but very cheap and filling and he is always a sucker for mashed potato. Interestingly I tweeted (sent a message on Twitter) while I was there and very quickly received another tweet wishing me Happy Brithday from Ikea - spooky!

We finally decided on thread storage though - we have bought two sets of the tall skinnier version of Alex

Another front runner was the Helmer but Alex looked smarter and the drawers slide smoothly. Not sure when we will get the time to assemble them as the Show starts tomorrow but I look forward to filling them with threads.

Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes - I really appreciate it.


Sarah said...

Hey, happy birthday Lisa! I didn't know or I would have wished it earlier :)


Happy Birthday. I think your chocolate exchange tradition for birthdays is one I'm going to adopt. Its wonderful and both R and I will appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! And chocolate no less. That's great. Since you are an expert, we will want your opinion of Montenucci's when you are in Orvieto, Italy with us. We think they have great chocolate!

Helen Conway said...

WEll that photo caught my attention! I think that shop might have to be added to my list of syndey to do things - after all no point having a bridge view suite if there is nothing to eat when you are lounging in it is there?!