Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sydney Quilt Show

Great day yesterday at the Sydney Show. One of the best things about doing a show in my home city - apart from getting to sleep in my own bed - is seeing so many friends.
There is a steady stream of familiar friendly faces saying hello and it is wonderful to see so many.

I am doing a free demo/workshop everyday on Aurora and Midnight Sky Art Quilts as well.

My quilt Crystallisation won Third Prize in the Professional Anything Goes Category which is terrific and all the prizes winners can be seen on the NSW Guild Blog. I am teaching this quilt in Canberra later in the year if you are interested. If you would like me to teach it at your group or store just contact me.

I was most thrilled that my friend Pennie won first prize for her miniature called 'Because I can..'. We all thought she was mad when she started it - actually we still do but it just goes to show how clever she is. The ribbon is bigger than the quilt.


Brenda said...

Hi Lisa - I love the textures in Crystallisation. I'll be stopping by tomorrow to pick up a scrap bag or two. I used some of your long multi-coloured strips in Dreamlines#3.

Judy said...


Congratulations on your Prize it is a really beautiful quilt.

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful quilt! Your colours are great.......

How I can relate to the 'sleeping in your own bed' thing, if driving, I will usually bring my own pillow and duvet ;O)

More pictures from the show, please?

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Congratulations you wonderful prize-winner you! Of course, we all know YOU are the prize, but ribbons for quilts are always welcome!


Judy Alexander said...

Congrats, beautiful quilt. So many talented quilters down under!!