Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend Away

I have just come back from a great teaching weekend in Cohuna Victoria where we just had the best time. I love country hospitality although I don't think my waistline (if I had one) got any smaller. The morning and afternoon teas were scrumptious. Bet you have never had a slice made from lolly bananas - delicious!

These are a few shots from the journey down there. The little puppy above is a sculpture (yes for sale) at our favourite lunch spot on the way to Melbourne. I really like the style and think that one day he might just have to come home with me.

We stayed in Wagga Wagga on the way down as I really wanted to go to the National Art Glass Gallery. Just loved this one by Claudia Borella from her Striped Series II. If I wasn't so deeply involved with textiles I would love to work in glass.

Another obligatory sunset - they are so much better in the country aren't they?

More class photos tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I agree LISA,love that blue glass-i think it is the translucence.

Kt said...

I had to google the recipe for the banana slice... this looks like a likely contender:

Lolly Banana Slice

250g packet plain sweet biscuits (like Nice)
200g packet lolly bananas
50g unsalted butter, melted
395g can sweetened condensed milk

Grease an 18cm x 28cm rectangular slice pan. Line with baking paper.
Crush biscuits to form coarse crumbs.
Cut each lolly banana into chunks (roughly 5 pieces each).
Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.
Press mixture firmly over base of prepared pan, and smooth the surface with the back of a spoon.
Refrigerate for about 3 hours or until set.

You can also drizzle the top with white chocolate, but it looks as though this one is dusted with icing sugar or desecrated coconut.

I'll have some next time I come over, thanks!

Judy said...


Sounds like you enjoyed your trip to Cohuna, love the sound of a slice made with lolly bannas as you say yum! If I was the travelling type I'd try to beat you to taking the dog home. I just love him.