Friday, July 17, 2009

Food Interlude

You may have realised that my other passion is food. Peter & I tend to organise our days around food. Most shopping expeditions for anything, paper bags, bead boxes, printers - even saucepans have to be carefully planned around yummy lunches. Sad I know but we love it.

The other day we needed to buy some raw silk to dye for Fantasia kits and of course it had to coincide with a restaurant we hadn't been to for ages - Maya in Surry Hills. I love the meals with all the little curries and even a desert. A bargain for under $10.

They are also renowned for their Indian sweets and of course I had to take a few home.


Jane said...

YUM!!!! Wow that looks so goooood. Now when you share photos this good it is only right that you share the food, I will send my address for delivery for lunch tomorrow :)

Kate said...

Lisa - do NOT stop posting about food - what is life without it?? BTW didn't you forget another passion? Hmm? Starts with a P, ends with an eter??

Sue said...

Now my mouth is watering. Yum, curry with Roti and sambals. Lucky you.