Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Studio Organisation

Another trip to Ikea yesterday to buy the other drawers I fancied. I have lots of wire baskets like these and they can be unwieldy and things fall through. But most of all they look untidy and in my current obsessive neatness and ordered mind (stop laughing) I want order.

So after an incredibly painless trip to Ikea and a couple of hours assembly - I now have these 12 drawers to fill today. These are the Alex drawers on castors but I bought two sets and put one on top of another (without the castors obviously). I think I will be able to get all my office and packing stuff in them and maybe room for some miscellaneous items like paints and brushes and pens and pencils and other fun stuff. But if they don't all fit then I will just have to get some more won't I?


Anonymous said...

I'm with u Lisa-I hate those wire drawers-i think htose Alex ones ar eso much nicer-besides,you could always decorate the outsides if you need more colour. i have my helmers stacked like that too -makes them a good height if you are tall
enjoy camcas

Helen Conway said...

Oh so much better. I love rganisational stuff. And I'd love to know how it is possible to have a painless visit to the endless corridors of Hell,um, I mean Ikea.