Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monthly Metres and Beautiful Beads

We are just packing the Monthly Metres and Beautiful Beads for August.
Isn't the fabric gorgeous? Browns and golds and russets reminiscent of the Australian Outback.
The coordinating bead set is just as yummy.

This fabric is only available to members so if you want some too then you need to sign up quickly as once it is gone - it is gone.


Sally Westcott said...

Oh yummy Lisa - I can't wait!

Judy said...


What a beautiful range of colours you have achieved, I cant wait till mine arrives, I want to do something special with it, don't think I should have said that it tends to make me sit and look at fabric wondering what is best to enchance it. I love being in your
1 Metre club my draw is filling with lovely hand dyed fabrics and I am actually taking them out and using them, not being too precious as when i only had a few.